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Our mission at Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic is to help you achieve optimal spinal function. Our team proudly offers chiropractic care to patients in the local Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Vermont South, Mulgrave, Notting Hill and Springvale areas.

We may help you achieve this goal by introducing you to the four fundamental pillars of optimal spinal function; Neuromusculoskeletal Correction | Orthotic Support | Rehabilitation and Exercise | Sleep/Recovery Management:

Neuromusculoskeletal Correction: A strategy that incorporates Chiropractic & Massage/Myotherapy to restore optimal spinal function.

Gait Support: A strategy that incorporates custom fitted orthotics and shoe assessments to provide the support and comfort that your feet need to optimise your posture.

Rehabilitation and ExerciseA strategy that includes Clinical Yoga to promote full joint mobility, strength, power, and endurance.

Sleep/Recovery Management: A strategy that teaches you how to “sleep better and live better for life™”.

Our primary health care practitioners work collaboratively in-house with our team of chiropractors, myotherapist/massage therapists, orthotists and, externally with the mattress and pillow experts from back to sleep® (which originated in our very own practice over 15 years ago by one of our chiropractors), to coordinate all aspects of our “4 Pillar” approach to patient centered care.

This collaborative approach to spinal health and wellness (we believe) helps to support you beyond your appointment in addition to helping you reach your full potential.

There are many ways for you to incorporate our “4 Pillar” approach into your spinal healthcare program! We encourage you to review our site. There are many ways for you to get started and every step counts. Contact us today so that we can help guide you through the process and experience the WOW factor of our passionate, highly skilled spinal health care practitioners.

Once again, thank you for choosing us. We look forward to helping you and your family on the journey to better spinal health.

Personalized, comprehensive spinal health care can aid in the treatment of conditions such as; back pain, neck pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, whiplash & headaches.


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Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic has been established for over 40 years, providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to health care in the local community.

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